J. Marcoz Emergency Vehicle

J. Marcoz Emergency Vehicle was established in 1996 after James Marcoz, company owner and founder, decided to create a business that would perform professional QUALITY electrical installation and repairs on emergency vehicles.  After working on many of these specialty units over the years, Jim realized that a large number of the vehicles he had repaired had been so improperly built and problematic that it was time to change the standard of how things are done.

J. Marcoz quickly began building a customer base by providing affordable professional installation of emergency equipment in new vehicles, and by repairing the troublesome installations that had been done by other companies.  As the company grew, J. Marcoz began to offer other services such as radio programming, and eventually became a dealer for several emergency equipment manufacturers including Tomar Electronics, SoundOff Inc., CPI, and PowerArc.

Today, J. Marcoz Emergency Vehicle creates and builds customized emergency vehicles for law enforcement, fire & rescue, and emergency medical services while still providing the same high quality level of professional work that made it the best in the business from day one.  The excellent reputation established by J. Marcoz has enabled the company to become Tomar Electronics, Inc.'s Master Distributor for the Western Pennsylvania region. 

J. Marcoz Emergency Vehicle uses all high quality weatherproof components and proper gauge wiring.  Every critical connection (over 3 amps) is soldered, so you will never have burned up crimp connectors again.  All wiring is covered in split loom where abrasion could be a problem.  Each and every entry point for wiring is sealed with a waterproof sealant to prevent leaks.  These are just a few of the things that make J. Marcoz's work commercial OEM quality.  In fact, most vehicle manufacturers' warranties are void if anyone attaches aftermarket accessories or wiring to the OEM wiring without using solder and shrink tube.  Any of the “lesser” amateur installations could cause major problems if the vehicle were to ever need warranty service on its electrical system.

Take a look at this set of pictures to see an example of how some other local companies attempt to build a professional vehicle.

Installations by Other Local "Installers" and Radio Shops


Compare the shoddy amateur work shown in the above photos to this set of pictures to see how an emergency vehicle installation should be done.

Professional Installations by J. Marcoz Emergency Vehicle

The difference in quality and workmanship is obvious even to the untrained eye!

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