Bethel Park Volunteer Fire Company, Bethel Park, PA

2004 Chevrolet Tahoe Command/Chief's Vehicle

911 EP Millenium low profile LED lightbar; 911 EP rear LEDs; Federal/Unitrol siren and lighting controls; Whelen rear amber tailgate LEDs;  90 watt Whelen corner strobes; Sound-Off wig wag flasher; Motorola radios with QuickMount dual head kits; Streamlight hand lights; custom JMEVS console and rear command center; portable radio chargers built into console; Uniden Trunk Tracker scanner; Comtelco antennae; Firecom headphones in command area; LED digital clock in command area; Optima battery; custom wiring harness and electrical system utilizing SAE recognized components

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For more information, contact J. Marcoz Emergency Vehicle at 412-816-2320