U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, Erie, PA

2004 Chevrolet Tahoe Patrol Unit

Tomar 930L T-LED Lightbar and 940-Siren digital control panel and siren amplifier; 911 EP rear LED emergency lights; 911 EP rear amber LED warning light; Whelen 90 watt corner strobes; Sound-Off wigwags; CPI siren speaker; Speaco amplified external speakers for all two-way radios; Code 3 Night Probe wireless controlled spotlight; “blackout” switch to kill headlights, DRL, park, brake, backup and all interior lighting; front bumper mounted LED “sneak” lights for nighttime visibility during surveillance operations; Motorola VHF-Lo, VHF-Hi, and UHF radios; Motorola Astro based VRS (vehicular repeater system); Uniden scanner; Nokia GMRS cellphone with 3 watt BDA and external antenna; Antenex and Comtelco antennae; Streamlight hand lights; JMEVS custom overhead shotgun rack with Pro-Gard release mechanism; custom console with electric release “popout” lockbox for handgun and personal storage; custom cabinetry including JMEV locking rifle vault with pushbutton combination; rear LED “sneak” lights in cargo area for visibility during surveillance operations;  liftgate mounted overhead work lights; Prosecutor video recorder system; Garmin GPS unit with on-screen display on recorded video system; Setina rear cargo partition; Warn stainless steel wraparound push bumper, 9000 pound Warn winch, and work lights; Optima batteries with second battery added for VRS system and overall increased capacity; K&N airfilter and air intake relocation to allow room for second battery; custom wiring harness and electrical system utilizing SAE recognized components; custom graphics package

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