Emergency Vehicle Installations

Arnold PD
ARNOLD1.JPG (656379 bytes) ARNOLD2.JPG (704756 bytes) ARNOLD3.JPG (821820 bytes) ARNOLD4.JPG (694937 bytes) ARNOLD5.JPG (726749 bytes)
ARNOLD7.JPG (764966 bytes) ARNOLD8.JPG (633345 bytes) ARNOLD10.JPG (645946 bytes) ARNOLD11.JPG (588109 bytes) ARNOLDPAPD.JPG (788543 bytes)
Complete installation of radios, antennae, lighting package, console, siren, mobile data terminal, and rear seat insert after vehicle refurbishment


Chalfant VFD Engine 31
CHALFANTVFD.JPG (863712 bytes) CHALFANT2.JPG (120282 bytes) CHALFANT3.JPG (121312 bytes) CHALFANT8.JPG (128785 bytes) CHALFANT9.JPG (136451 bytes) CHALFANT11.JPG (114387 bytes)

Installation of Q2B and Code 3 electronic sirens in front bumper, Q2B button and siren brake buttons in cab, installation of Whelen grille and intersection strobe lights


East McKeesport PD K9 Unit

emckk9-1.JPG (312461 bytes)

emckk9-2.JPG (350453 bytes)

EMCKPDK9CONSOLE.JPG (884601 bytes)

5k9-1.jpg (16637 bytes)

5k9-2.jpg (13545 bytes)

5k9-3.jpg (14938 bytes)

5k9-4.jpg (7651 bytes)

5k9-5.jpg (12570 bytes)

Complete build of unit- customized low profile strobe/halogen lighting system, radio installation with low profile antennae, satellite radio system, push bumper, K9 kennel with remote automatic door opener


Elizabeth Township Area EMS

etaems1.JPG (248962 bytes)

etaems2.JPG (215102 bytes)

etaems5.JPG (182205 bytes)

etaems3.JPG (285075 bytes)

etaems4.JPG (211636 bytes)

etaems6.JPG (213049 bytes)

Installation of radios and low profile antennae on new unit


Fire Department of North Versailles

COMPRESSOR213.JPG (804981 bytes)

COMPRESSOR213RESCUE.JPG (774201 bytes)

Installation of air compressor systems in engine and rescue


Harrison City VFD Engine 87

sta87lowband.jpg (239661 bytes) sta87uhfvhfs.jpg (166888 bytes) sta87lowpros.jpg (600859 bytes)

Installation of VHF low band and UHF radios; installation of low-profile antennae on new engine


Homestead EMS Chief's Vehicle

HOMSTD_EMS_SUBRBN.JPG (129365 bytes) DUTCHS_CONSOLE.JPG (126855 bytes) DUTCHS_CONSOLE1.JPG (138638 bytes) DUTCHPANEL.JPG (145623 bytes) DUTCHSCONSOLE.JPG (115233 bytes) OVERHEAD_SPKRS.JPG (90120 bytes) HMSTDEMS ANTENNAS.JPG (470330 bytes)

Complete wiring upgrade and radio reprogramming, installation of radios, antennae, overhead speakers, audible warning system upgrade, emergency lighting package upgrade


Homestead VFD Ladder Truck
Replacement and rewiring of switch panels and electronic siren


Homestead VFD Squad 171
hom2.jpg (903933 bytes) hom4.jpg (357292 bytes) hom5.jpg (805472 bytes) hom6.jpg (821585 bytes) hom7.jpg (777951 bytes)
hom13.jpg (497431 bytes) hom14.jpg (784525 bytes) hom15.jpg (851538 bytes) hom17.jpg (746024 bytes) hom19.jpg (819292 bytes)
Code 3 MX7000 light bar with built-in Arrowstik; Tomar RECT79S 7x9" grille strobes with bezels; Tomar RECT37S 3x7" rear strobes; Code 3 V-CON siren; Antenex low profile antennae; Motorola VHF-Hi radio; custom wiring harness and electrical system utilizing SAE recognized components


Homeville VFC Squirt 293
home1.jpg (346573 bytes) home2.jpg (305840 bytes) home3.jpg (320772 bytes) home4.jpg (318113 bytes) home5.jpg (189981 bytes)
home6.jpg (267492 bytes) home7.jpg (269561 bytes) home8.jpg (309912 bytes) home9.jpg (336086 bytes) home10.jpg (353714 bytes)
home11.jpg (389931 bytes) home12.jpg (311764 bytes) home13.jpg (353607 bytes) home14.jpg (374765 bytes) home15.jpg (313225 bytes)
Complete rebuild- conversion from positive ground to negative ground system, custom switch panel with power sequencer, custom built electrical center, Code 3 MX7000 primary warning lights, TOMAR strobe lighting, headlamp flashers, Quik-Raze scene lights, work area lights, radios & antennae, flush mount Federal Q2/Code 3 OsciLaser/Tomar strobes on front of truck, flush mount air horns in bumper, backup alarm, auto eject shoreline, charging system, 120V generator/circuit breakers/outlets, clearance lamps, taillamp assemblies, complete rewiring of pump panel, day/night dome lights in cab


Level Green VFD Squad 9
sta9a.jpg (590082 bytes) sta9c.jpg (583969 bytes) STA9G.jpg (762957 bytes) sta9h.jpg (786886 bytes) sta9l.jpg (796897 bytes)
sta9n.jpg (821886 bytes) sta9o.jpg (621377 bytes) sta9p.jpg (805859 bytes) sta9q.jpg (613512 bytes) sta9r.jpg (597164 bytes)
sta9s.jpg (626988 bytes) sta9t.jpg (706578 bytes) sta9u.jpg (604112 bytes) sta9v.jpg (571224 bytes) sta9w.jpg (663889 bytes)
Complete build- installation of audible and visual warning systems, radios, and antennae


Lower Burrell PD- K9 Unit

LOWERBURRELLK9.JPG (801598 bytes) LB-K9A.JPG (865691 bytes) LB-K9VECTORVISION.JPG (778081 bytes) LB-K9CONSOLE2.JPG (885676 bytes) LB-K9KENNEL.JPG (646574 bytes) LB-K9.JPG (768991 bytes)

Complete installation of radios, antennae, lighting package, console, siren, mobile data terminal, K9 kennel, and K9 exhaust fan after vehicle refurbishment


Munhall Area Prehospital Services

MUNHAL1.JPG (895657 bytes) MUNHAL2.JPG (793444 bytes) MUNHAL3.JPG (712770 bytes) MUNHAL4.JPG (931940 bytes) MUNHAL5.JPG (671442 bytes)

Installation of radios and low-profile antennae


North Fayette Twp. VFD Brush Truck
nf002.jpg (46701 bytes) nf013.jpg (319404 bytes) nf017.jpg (293831 bytes) nf022.jpg (252599 bytes) nf023.jpg (323882 bytes)
nf026.jpg (313392 bytes)

nf027.jpg (303436 bytes)

nf033.jpg (314877 bytes) nf046.jpg (203819 bytes) nf048.jpg (318235 bytes)
Complete build of unit- conversion to two-battery system, custom console, audiovisual warning systems, auto eject shoreline with charge indicator, rear bed worklights, liteboxes, skid-mounted pump tied into truck's fuel system, pump controls


Portville, NY PD
PORTNY2.JPG (806222 bytes) PORTNY3.JPG (791875 bytes) PORTNY4.JPG (788250 bytes) PORTNY5.JPG (818289 bytes) PORTNY6.JPG (773186 bytes)
PORTNY7.JPG (746731 bytes) PORTNY8.JPG (770797 bytes) PORTNY9.JPG (655292 bytes) PORTNY10.JPG (781468 bytes) PORTNY11.JPG (839125 bytes)
Complete installation of radios, antennae, lighting package, console, and siren after vehicle refurbishment


Unmarked Police Vehicle

Image002.jpg (121701 bytes) Image003.jpg (104397 bytes) Image005.jpg (76602 bytes) Image006.jpg (115079 bytes) Image008.jpg (114090 bytes) Image009.jpg (316862 bytes)

Installation of low profile strobes in front & rear windows, hideaway strobes in lamp housings, undercover siren speaker & control head


For more information, call J. Marcoz Emergency Vehicle at 412-816-2320