Swissvale VFD, Swissvale, PA

2008 Ford F350 Squad

TOMAR Blade low profile LED lightbar, multi-pattern headlight flasher, TOMAR fender mounted 3x7 LEDs, TOMAR RECT25 series grille LEDs, 90 watt corner strobe system, Carson siren with "mechanical" tone, motion sensor activated bed illumination lamps, traffic director system, Kussmaul shoreline charger with auto eject, block mode lighting cutout in park, custom central electrical center, automatic main power shutoff switch, heavy duty rocker switches and panel, automatic engine idler system, custom fabricated wiring harness, GXL hi-temp wiring for lifelong service, custom built console with cooling fan, Motorola radios, Comtelco low profile antennae, built-in portable radio chargers, two rechargeable hand lights

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For more information, contact J. Marcoz Emergency Vehicle at 412-816-2320