J. Marcoz Emergency Vehicle


J. Marcoz Emergency Vehicle will install and tune antennae for any base or mobile radio.

No vehicle scares us away….unlike some other "installers".  Choose from conventional or high gain antennae for your mobiles.  If you’re worried about roof clearance, or you run your car through automatic car washes, you may want to have low profile antennae installed. These antennae are only about 3.5” tall and can take the abuse. Low band, VHF, UHF and 800 MHz versions are available.

All antennae we install are tuned to ensure maximum efficiency and prolonged radio life.


Base antennae???  We do them- standard or custom designed for your needs.  Tower, building or pole mounted is no problem.  We’ll provide the best lightning protection system available to protect your equipment and property from Mother Nature.  Do you have a remote site or a repeater?  We can handle that, too.


Does your area have poor radio coverage?  This is a common problem in many places.  Let J. Marcoz Emergency Vehicle do a propagation study of your terrain and determine your needs to get your system operating properly.  Remember, a radio system with dead spots has NO place in public safety or business.

Many systems currently in use don’t have enough remote receiver sites which cause transmission and/or reception problems.  By carefully studying the terrain of your area, we can determine the best locations in which to install these remote units.

We also install power amplifiers, gain antennae and beam antennae which can help solve the common “We can’t hear the base” complaints.

 For more information, call J. Marcoz Emergency Vehicle at 412-816-2320.

  We’ll be glad to come out and take a look at your system and offer you a solution.