J. Marcoz Emergency Vehicle

Chargers and Shorelines

With a properly installed shoreline and charger system, your vehicle should start even if you accidentally leave lights or other accessories turned on!  J. Marcoz Emergency Vehicle uses only Kussmaul Electronics charger and shoreline systems.  From a simple trickle-charger all the way up to automatic dual battery chargers with air systems, we can ensure your vehicle will start under the harshest of conditions.  Once the shoreline is added, you may have 120 volt receptacles installed throughout the truck.  They can even be connected to a transfer switch to allow the generator to power them once itís turned on.  Available in both manual and automatic-eject models, shorelines are a critical addition to any emergency or business vehicle that sits idle for days- especially if there are flashlights or other items inside that charge off of the truckís battery.

Donít be caught dead!  Call J. Marcoz Emergency Vehicle today to have the best charging system in the industry installed in your trucks.


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