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Does your truck lose air brake pressure after sitting for days, or even for merely hours?

It doesn’t have to.  With an air brake pressure maintenance system on board, your truck will have a constant supply of air and the tanks will never fall below 75 PSI.

These small compressors operate either by 12 volts or the 120 volt shoreline (recommended) and can be mounted anywhere on the truck.

If the truck is parked and the pressure falls below a predetermined safe level, the compressor will turn on and bring the pressure back in minutes.

Don’t waste precious time waiting for air to build up--- get one of these systems installed now and never worry about air again.

If your garage already has an air compressor, J. Marcoz Emergency Vehicle can install an automatic disconnect fitting that will keep the truck’s tanks full with air from a hose attached to your shop compressor.  When you turn on the batteries, the air line will automatically be ejected from the truck.  This works similar to an automatic eject electrical shoreline.

 COMPRESSOR213.JPG (121908 bytes)                    COMPRESSOR213RESCUE.JPG (117765 bytes)

Note: These compressor systems are not meant to “fix” a leaking system. If your truck’s air tanks fall from the maximum pressure (usually 120 PSI) to the danger level (~65 PSI) in less than 12 hours, you must first repair this major leak.

These compressor systems are designed to maintain pressure in a truck that sits idle for days, not to keep trying to fill a system that can’t hold air.

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