Custom Consoles

J. Marcoz Emergency Vehicle, in conjunction with East Hills Cabinet Inc., provides custom built consoles to fit YOUR specific vehicle and equipment.  Our consoles are made from 1Ē compressed particle board and are stronger and more rigid than any commercially available units.   They can be laminated in nearly any color, or even coated in diamondplate or Rhinex.  Common options include clipboard/folder slots, cup holders, and locking compartments.  If your radio or equipment configuration changes, the console can quickly and easily be updated simply by replacing the faceplate.


Custom Built Consoles

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These consoles are custom-built specifically to fit your vehicle and equipment.  Therefore, they must be fitted and installed on-site at our service facility.


If the custom console isnít right for you, you can choose one of the many Consolidator or Gamber-Johnson brand models that are available.

Prefabricated Consoles

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For more information, contact J. Marcoz Emergency Vehicle at 412-816-2320