J. Marcoz Emergency Vehicle

Law Enforcement Applications

J. Marcoz Emergency Vehicle provides a wide range of accessories, service, and installation for vehicles utilized by law enforcement agencies. 


Charging Systems

Custom Consoles

Emergency Lighting

Headlight Flashers

K-9 Accessories

Mobile Data Terminals




Two-Way Radios

Video Dash Cameras

10 Things You Need To Know Before Ordering Your New Cruiser

Is your department looking to buy an additional or replacement cruiser?  Save money by purchasing your new vehicle through J. Marcoz and Warnock Fleet!

Take a look under your cruiser's floor mats- do you see a jumble of wiring that looks like a spaghetti dinner?  If so, this amateur installation is in danger of failing!  This will most likely occur at a critical moment when there is a heavy load on the electrical system from having your emergency warning equipment activated.  Call us for information on having your cruisers professionally rewired with dedicated heavy duty power feeds.

If your new car has already been ordered, tell your dealer that  you will have your equipment installation performed by J. Marcoz Emergency Vehicle.  We can quickly and easily remove the equipment from the old cruiser and PROFESSIONALLY transfer it into your new vehicle.  All radios and antennae will be properly tuned specifically for your new car, thereby ensuring the best possible radio transmission and reception.  Proper installation of emergency equipment is essential for the safety of both the police officer and the general public!

For more information, call J. Marcoz Emergency Vehicle at 412-816-2320