J. Marcoz Emergency Vehicle

 K-9 Vehicle Accessories

Make sure your partner is there for you when you need him with K-9 kennels and accessories from J. Marcoz Emergency Vehicle!  We can set up your existing or new car as a specialty K-9 unit.  These cars are unique from the ordinary police cruiser in many ways, and we have the experience to build them correctly.

Kennels and cages Overheat alarms
Remote door opener units              Kennel lighting
Automatic temperature controls Exhaust or “fart” fans     
Temperature safety units

We carry products from all major manufacturers of K-9 equipment.

 Installation available for vans, trucks or passenger cars.

The remote door opener is activated from a vehicle alarm type button on your key ring and operates at a distance of up to 400-500 feet.  A piston opens the door to its full range, allowing an easy means of egress for your partner in the event of an emergency situation.

The K-9 cooling unit automatically engages at a user selectable interior temperature of either 87 or 92 degrees.  The car horn is activated to alert the officer, the rear window is automatically opened, and an exhaust fan is turned on to quickly cool the passenger compartment to a safe temperature.

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