J. Marcoz Emergency Vehicle


 J. Marcoz Emergency Vehicle installs and services lighting equipment from all of the major emergency equipment manufacturers.

Let us design a custom lighting package specifically for your vehicle using the best equipment in the industry.  Don’t allow your personnel to drive a vehicle with inadequate lighting- their job is already dangerous enough.

If you have a problem with an existing lighting system, we’ll repair it correctly!

We sell, service, and install...

Halogen, strobe, LED, or hybrid lightbars      Hideaway corner strobes
Deck lights- halogen, strobe, or LED Wig-wags/Headlight flashers    
Back flashers- halogen, strobe, or LED Trunk lights- halogen, strobe, or LED
Grille lights- halogen, strobe, or LED Push bar lights- halogen, strobe, or LED
Dash lights- halogen, strobe, or LED Arrowsticks- halogen, strobe, or LED
Alternating turn signals Side lights
Custom location lighting Pillar spotlights
Interior lighting    K-9 lighting
HD relay/switching systems Load managers


If you want to have new or existing lights automatically shut off at the scene, we’ll engineer a custom system for your vehicle.  It’s common to have all amber and white lighting shut down once on scene.  By installing a pressure switch in the maxi or parking brake, your vehicle can have this feature of newly built apparatus.

 We can also coordinate most lights to blink in a synchronized pattern with each other to give your current vehicle lighting system the modern appearance that’s popular in OEM design.


 J. Marcoz Emeregency Vehicle highly recommends TOMAR equipment for all of your emergency vehicle lighting needs.

TOMAR’s advanced design and cutting-edge innovation shines through once again with the introduction of The Blade™ Low-Profile Lightbar. The Blade™ will redefine the standard for high-performance low-profile lightbars for years to come. Not only is The Blade™ one of the thinnest lightbars in the industry, it’s also the brightest among all lightbars. Engineered with the latest LED technology, The Blade™ is revolutionary in its modular design allowing for unparalleled versatility.

• Up to 9 High-Performance modules to the front (8 with take-down)
• Up to 9 High-Performance modules to the rear
• Available in 44", 49" and 54" lengths
• Extreme performance in a package under 2” high
• Integrated Traffic Direction feature
• Adjustable beam angle LED takedown and alley lights
• Multiple user-programmable flash patterns
• Lifetime structural warranty
• Increased vehicle fuel efficiency

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930L T-LED Lightbar

The TOMAR 930L and 930LD series lightbars combine revolutionary optical design with state-of-the-art LED technology to provide the most powerful emergency warning systems available. These lightbars offer fully integrated multi-level warning capabilities with unprecedented control flexibility. The 930L uses a traditional multi-wire cable to interface with virtually any controller or switch box. The 930LD lightbar is equipped with a digital control cable utilizing a standard RJ45 interface which connects to a TOMAR 940L-DCP or 940L-Siren controller. Clear lenses are standard, colored lenses can be ordered on single color LED modules. Multi colored LED modules must use clear lenses.  Available sizes: 17", 24", 32", 40", 48", 56", 64", 72", 80", 88", and 96".

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The TOMAR model 950N HELIOBE™ lightbar is the most visible, durable warning light ever devised for public safety use. HELIOBE™ lightbars use TOMAR’s NEOBE® technology that provides the look of neon with the power of strobe for a super high intensity glowing effect that is never dark. The 950N HELIOBE™ lightbar features indestructible potted power supplies, WP electrical connectors, and hermetically sealed lamps that have chrome coated reflectors for maximum reflector efficiency and long life. HELIOBE™ lightbars are capable of operating under water and at very low temperatures.

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930N HELIOBE Lightbar


The POLICE LIGHT II is a fully self-contained unit featuring a 3" x 7" rectangular lamp. The POLICE LIGHT II is available in single strobe, double strobe, strobe with flashing halogen, or strobe with steady burn halogen. The PL37SS flashes each lamp 60 FPM. Each flash consists of a burst of 6 NEOBE® flashes. The POLICE LIGHT II is provided with an on/off switch and tri-suction cup mount, as well as a 9' coil cord and cigar plug with an LED power indicator.

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The TLED™ LED Police Light is a fully self-contained unit featuring a TOMAR RECT-37L 3" x 7" LED rectangular lamp. The TLED Police Light is available in 30 different lamp colors and configurations. The built-in dual channel LED flasher has 32 user selectable flash patterns stored in memory, and remembers which pattern was used last, displaying that pattern on the next power-up. The TLED uses TOMAR's wide angle optics, which give a full intensity beam at +/- 45 horizontal degrees off axis, making the TOMAR LED the widest angle light in the marketplace!

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Also, for fire and rescue vehicles...

Kwik-Raze 750-1000 watt quartz lights... available in tripod, pole tower or utility box mount.  These lights give the BEST scene lighting- PERIOD.  No others can compare!  Available in 12V DC, 120V AC, or 240V AC models.


J. Marcoz Emergency Vehicle is the Western Pennsylvania Master Distributor for TOMAR lighting products.

For more information, call J. Marcoz Emergency Vehicle at 412-816-2320