Performance Racecar Communications

-Better performing radios for a better performing team-


An efficient antenna is the key to a successful radio system. Unfortunately, some companies think that an antenna that works well on a taxicab will work well on your racecar. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Choose from many of the available styles below.


For your racecar: specify required cable length!  These are all custom built.


Type 1- Glass mount. Looks like a cell phone antenna. For under 100 MPH----------------- $69.00

Type 2- Glass mount decal. It’s a 4” square decal that goes on the glass-------------------- $69.00

Type 3- Body mount ¼ wave. The popular 5” metal rod type (for metal body only)-------- $65.00

Type 4- Body mount 1”X3.5” low profile plastic style as used inside of Cup car------------ $80.00

Type 5- Magnet mount with rubber boot.  (add $10.00 for hi-gain type)----------------------- $68.00

Type 6- The “Chubby.” The BEST for Formula, Sedan, GT1, INDY, CART 3”or6” tall---- $75.00


     The Type 6 “Chubby” is the BEST racecar antenna on the market- period! It is designed and tuned for use on fiberglass or carbon-fiber bodies and will give you better performance than any other antenna. The type 6 eliminates static and other noise associated with the standard “wire” antennas from other companies. Mount it and that’s it- no ground planes, screens or metal backing required. Works great on metal bodies too!




For your rig: Comes with 17’ cable.


Type 7- Mirror mount (add $10.00 for hi-gain)------------------------------------------------------- $89.00

Type 8- Body mount (add $10.00 for hi-gain)-------------------------------------------------------- $65.00

Type 9- Low profile 3 ½” tall roof mount--------------------------------------------------------------- $80.00

Type SS- Stainless steel “L” bracket for body mount----------------------------------------------- $8.50



For the pit area: Comes with 17’ cable.


Type 10- Vise-Grip mounted. Clamps to anything around!--------------------------------------- $92.00

Type 11- 19’ telescopic aluminum mast with hi-gain wide band antenna, cable

                Connector. Straps to trailer or pit cart….or….use with the wheel                                                                                     

                mount under the truck/trailer tire to hold the mast.---------------------------------- $339.00

Type 12- Under-the-wheel telescopic mast mount (mast not included)---------------------- $100.00

Type 13- Portable trailer/camper rooftop tripod. Requires lead ballast plates

                (not included). Comes with 10’ mast------------------------------------------------------ $70.00

Extension- 50’ antenna extension cable------------------------------------------------------------- $49.00




When ordering any antenna, please specify which type of antenna connector is on your radio and the make/model of the radio. If you don’t know what style connector you have, look at the “connector styles” pictures.


BNC Style Connector                    UHF Style Connector




Do your crew and your driver have trouble talking to each other at larger tracks?  This problem is usually caused by extreme distances combined with low power radios. You could use a more powerful radio, but it would need to run from the car’s battery. You could use bigger antennas, but this isn’t practical. There is still a solution: a “repeater” system. A repeater system does exactly what it says- it takes the weak radio signal from your crew and car radios, amplifies it to ten times the original level and rebroadcasts it to all of your radios. This small unit mounts in your trailer and is powered by your 120 volt generator. A separate high-mounted repeater antenna is set up at the trailer to allow the repeater to “talk” to your radios. Coverage can be expected to increase to miles of clear and reliable range.


Repeater system with power supply and duplexer.                                       CALL!!

Repeater antenna. With 19’ telescopic mast, cable and mount (standard or wheel)  $379.99

Repeater antenna. On 5’ tripod and 10’ mast, cable. Requires ballast weight            $225.00

100 watt amplifier. For long distance racing, such as Baja. With cables.

                                   Requires external batteries and/or power supply                           $799.99


Use of a repeater requires two operating frequencies. You will need to have all of your crew’s radios reprogrammed to operate with a repeater. This can be done by us or any Motorola dealer.


Use of the 140 watt amplifier requires an FCC license that permits operation at this power level.




We can supply you with new or refurbished Motorola radios, accessories and batteries.

We carry a full line of chargers, antennas, hardware, 6-bay chargers, headphones, speakers and speaker-mikes.


BE SECURE!!! “Rolling code” or standard type voice encryption is available for most radios. Don’t let the other teams or the fans hear what you’re up to. Scramble the entire conversation so only you and your crew can understand what is said over the air.


Does your car have telemetry, data transmission or an in-car video link?  We carry antennas that are specifically designed for these demanding applications.  Don’t use just any antenna to send your critical data.


Questions? Need a custom type system designed for your car?  Is your existing system giving you problems? Looking for better performance from your system?  Do you need radios, but have no idea where to start?  GIVE US A CALL!!!  We’ll be glad to listen to what you’re looking for and give you a professional opinion on what you need to make it work properly the first time.