J. Marcoz Emergency Vehicle


J. Marcoz Emergency Vehicle can install several different styles of spotlights to meet your needs:

Pillar lights- Inexpensive and convenient to use.  Mounts on the “A” post of most vehicles.

Roof mount lights-  These mount on the vehicle's roof or on top of the lightbar.  These aren’t the stainless steel marine lights that you see sitting on the roof of some police cars- these are cars, not boats!  Either dome style or lay-down style are available.  They are turned on and aimed by a joystick control inside of the vehicle.  If you would like the option of remote control of the light when away from the vehicle, we can do that too.

Quartz lights-  Kwik-Raze floodlights are simply the best.  These can be post mounted, telescopic tower mounted, or even mounted in the side of your utility box.  Operating on 12, 120, or 240 volts, these lights will provide “daylight” with the flip of a switch.  Speaking of switches…do you want 120 volts going through a switch in your operator’s or pump panel?  No way!  JMEVS can fabricate a custom relay switching unit to control your 120 or 240 volt lights.  With this unit, you have the standard 12 volts going through the switches… and we can even have extra switches in the officer’s seat to allow you to light up the scene from the cab (if your generator has remote starting or is PTO driven.)

For more information, call J. Marcoz Emergency Vehicle at 412-816-2320