J. Marcoz Emergency Vehicle

Two-way Radio Service and Installation

Let J. Marcoz Emergency Vehicle provide all of your department's communications needs.  We install and service radio equipment correctly... not like the local radio service that hires guys who used to work at the neighborhood car stereo shop.

We will NEATLY and PROFESSIONALLY install radios in the location of your choice, rather than just putting them in the easiest place.  Our wiring is installed to commercial standards to ensure a life-long installation job.  You won’t find any bundled up excess wiring either.

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Antennae are installed and properly tuned for maximum performance and distance.  Tuning the antenna also ensures a long radio life by eliminating “standing waves” present on the coax cable that will damage a radio.

We can choose the radio that is best for your needs, or we’ll use a particular model of your preference, if so desired. You also have the option to choose standard or low-profile antennae.

If it’s portable radios or Minitors you're talking about….we service them too- including frequency and tone alert programming on newer units, and tone reed replacement on the older Minitors!

We also install and service base stations and repeaters.  Unlike many radio services, when we install a base unit, you will receive a proper grounding system.  This concept is extremely critical and should never be overlooked.  If you get a quote for a base antenna and it doesn’t include a lightning trap AND a coaxial ground, don’t even consider having it installed!

If lightning should strike your base antenna, not only will your equipment be damaged, but your building structure may also suffer severe damage and a radio operator may even be injured.  This isn’t worth the money you would save by taking shortcuts…and your insurance company may even drop you if they find an improperly grounded base station.

J. Marcoz Emergency Vehicle uses a true arrestor and coax shield ground connected to TWO 8’ copper clad rods and connected by #4 stranded cable, versus solid cable. The base unit is also connected to the grounding system.

If you’re worried about power interruptions, we can install a 30-hour battery backup system to ensure that you are always on the air.

Do you need Motorola or Vertex radios reprogrammed?  We can come right to you to do it!

For more information, call J. Marcoz Emergency Vehicle at 412-816-2320